Strengths Profile launches

Earlier this year, I worked with Weir+Wong and their client Capp, to develop a new identity for a psychometric strengths profiling tool. 

Strengths Profile is a simple online assessment that allows individuals or teams to understand their passions and abilities and whether they are using them effectively.

The service has now launched and I will be putting together a new case study shortly.

10 years ago it all began…

As I mentioned in my last post, this summer marks ten years since I graduated from the University of Lincoln.

Typographic Links

Typographic Links

Perhaps the piece of work I am still most proud of and certainly the one that has attracted the most attention is Typographic Links.

And ten years ago to the day, I was busy working away, creating it. 

The board was how it all started…

Typographic Links research

Typographic Links research

Teaching at Lincoln

I was delighted to be invited back to the University of Lincoln this week to do some more teaching. 

I was asked to review responses to this year’s ISTD briefs by the 2nd year students. There was some excellent presentations and I really enjoyed giving feedback – hopefully some of it was useful!

This summer it will be 10 years since I graduated from the course… Something I can’t quite believe.

CD is 4

It’s now four years since I set up Collier Design and started freelancing. 

This past year I've continued to work with Lloyds Banking Group as well as working with new clients, including POKE London and Weir+Wong.

The focus with Lloyds Banking Group has been on developing new digital products for customers of the group's three main brands, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

In February and March, I also worked with the talented team at POKE London on Orange's sponsorship of UEFA Euro 2016 and a project for UBS.

And from April to June, I was also lucky enough to hook up with Andy Weir and Robin Wong, who I used to work with at Agency Republic, to brand and design a new web experience for a personal development and training startup.

Roll on Year 5...

Orange Sponsors You

While working with POKE London earlier this year, I was part of the design team which worked on Orange's sponsorship campaign of UEFA Euro 2016.

I was particularly involved in the design of the visualisation measuring social media activity for each team. This is displayed on the campaign website and on the big screens in the fan park in Paris. The team with the most positive support over the course of the day has their country's flag projected onto the Eiffel Tower during a light show each evening. This has formed the backdrop to several broadcaster's studio coverage, including the BBC. 

The idea behind the campaign, which includes other elements such as a Fan of the Day competition, is to hero the supporters as the most important part of the championships. 

You can see the live campaign site at