Lloyds Banking Group

Between 2014 and 2015, I was lead designer on the project to redesign Internet Banking across Lloyds Banking Group’s three major brands, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland. 


I was part of a team of freelance designers brought in by Head of Design Dan Holder to transform the digital output of the UK's largest financial institution. Coming from an agency background, working within the bank's very corporate environment was a steep learning curve, with even just sharing files or getting online amongst the high levels of security, a daily challenge in itself.

Working with Creative Director Ray Jopson and Experience Director Miles Sampson over 18 months, I led the design to create a clear and simple experience for the secure sites with a modern but familiar layout.

The new design rolled out to customers in late 2015 with further improvements being made on an ongoing basis. Key features include intelligent messaging that gives users the same in-branch experience online and easy to access account tools and actions.

As I began to work on the project and we spoke to users, it became clear users see Internet Banking as their own personal space online and so the moment you start changing or moving features, it can really upset and even anger them. With this in mind, the design had to be an evolution of the previous layout, despite our desire to rethink the experience from start to finish. We also had to balance the views of various stakeholders with different priorities, a legacy platform and an overseas build team.

In introducing a new design and interaction language for Internet Banking, I was able to create a larger, bolder and hopefully clearer user interface that could still reflect the different character of each brand, through varying tone of voice, colours, typestyles, imagery and iconography.


The new Internet Banking header contains multiple drawers for quick navigation to your profile, accounts, help and products and services.

Account drawer

Hitting the new 'More actions' button opens a side panel that gives quick access to account tools directly from the overview screen.

Quick pay and transfer

Users can make a transfer between their accounts or pay an existing recipient quickly from the overview page.


Welcome tour

The welcome tour provides a clear and simple overview of the new Internet Banking design.


The statement page was also redesigned. The account tile reappears at the top allowing the same easy access to all account tools.


For mobile, we created an adaptive design, which brought forward the most used and relevant features while on the move.

Halifax released the following video to introduce customers to the new design and explain how it will make Internet Banking easier to use.