Three years on

Today marks three years since Collier Design was established and I officially started working for myself.

This year has been another busy one. Lloyds Banking Group has continued to be my largest client, with work to transform online banking across their largest brands now close to fruition. I've also spent some time on other smaller projects and been lucky enough to do a bit more teaching up at the University of Lincoln in between.

As ever, due to contractual reasons, I'm limited by what work I can show, but hopefully I'll be able to share further projects on this website over the coming months.

Collier Design is 2

It's now been two years since I made the decision to leave the comfort of full-time employment and jump into the world of freelancing. 

I've been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people and experience a much wider range of clients and projects than I could have hoped for working in an agency. And the extra money has also enabled Annie and I to buy our first house, something we thought would be years away.

This year saw new projects with SomeOne/Else, including designing a new booking engine for S7 Airlines, and new clients, including Ideas Made Digital and Lloyds Banking Group. The latter being a massive challenge to look at the future of internet banking and transform the digital output of one of the UK's largest financial organisations.

Thank you to everyone I've worked with over the past year. Here's to more of the same for year three...